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It Takes Two

At Total Elite Nannies, we provide experienced and reliable caregivers for your family. Our team of professional nannies are dedicated to providing the best possible care for your children. We understand the importance of finding the right fit for your family and our staff are passionate about their work.

Cathy and Latrell of Total Elite Nannies

About Us

Welcome to Total Elite Nannies, led by Cathy Williams, an experienced Newborn Care Specialist and Professional Nanny with 20 years of expertise.


Our aim is to foster successful nanny-family dynamics by leveraging Cathy's extensive training and hands-on experience. We recognize the immense significance of the first 10 years of a child's life, and we are dedicated to collaborating with you to establish an optimal environment for your child's growth and development during this critical period.


Total Elite Nannies ensures the highest standards of care by employing our proprietary screening and vetting system, including in-house training, certification, and thorough background checks. Trust us to be your reliable team in creating harmony within your home, enabling the entire family to thrive.

Image by Ryan Wallace

Meet Our Team

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